Purpose of the School

The Business Training School provides leading edge small business training infused with sound teaching from the Bible on how to effectively launch a business venture. The School’s curriculum is designed and taught by experts in the field of small business development who guide the entrepreneurs through the many challenges and issues that may be encountered as small business owners. Participants are immersed in this interactive environment so they can gain in-depth knowledge, skills, tools, and resources to enable their growth and ultimate success.


As a result of completing the entire program, participants will:

  • Clearly define their business concept, target market, vision, mission and core values
  • Complete a formal business plan
  • Develop an implementation plan for launching their business
  • Present their business plan to potential funders

Potential Participants

Potential participants are those who are interested in starting a for-profit or non-profit business. Successful completion of the Preparatory Module is a prerequisite for the Business Training School. This preparatory/assessment module is $65.00.


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